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Our Mission Is To Become The Best Service Company In The World

To trigger of as the most wanted source for the user industries to meet their stringent quality consciousness for Bridge Girders, Bailey Bridge, High Mast and on time deliveries, a must criteria for their time-bound projects.

Our Mission

To be a name to reckon with as the most haunted source for manufacturing of all types and capacities of Storage Tanks, Silo, Conveyor System, Blast Furnace Shell, Chutes and Skirts, Hot metal ladle, High Mast.


To carve out a position as one of the top most leaders, Nationally and Internationally, as a source for highest quality Rolling Stock Components like Bogie, Coupler, Yoke, Draft Gear, Shock absorber, Snubber Assemblies, Buffer and various Railway Track items including Points & Crossings, Turn- outs, all Types of elastic fastening.


To win applause and appreciation as producer of most dependable quality-house for Corner Casting and Twist Lock for Container industries for the fast and safe moving transportation industries through-out the world.


To be recognised and win laurels as one of the leaders, Nationally and Internationally for the source of Highest quality GI Sub-station structures for 11 KVA/33 KVA, Cable Tray, Technological Structures, Boiler Components in time-bound deliveries.

Core Values

Manufacturing steel items ranging from Medium to Heavy for use in Heavy Industries Facilitating Storage Tanks and Conveyor systems for different Industries. Implementing Silo & other structural work for Power Plants, Cement Plants, Steel Plants and Chemical Plants etc. Creating Tracks as well as Track Components for Railways. Constructing Baily Bridges and Pre Fabricated Steel Bridges.